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Exceeding Expectations

Merit's Property Management function is designed to provide all of the standard services offered by other fine management firms to maintain their buildings, grounds, and equipment, but Merit goes further. This function is the basis of Merit's system for Total Asset Management and certainly the most visible for the owner, the renter or the community to see. It is here that the dominant action takes place and the money flows out year after year. Broad experience in this business ... the right knowledge ... the right subcontractors, suppliers, and supervision ... the ability to properly plan and execute ... and, the attention to detail and communications ... are all needed to excel in this aspect of the job.

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Routine and Preventative

Maintenance for Buildings and Grounds

Maintenance of Special Facilities

Within Buildings or on the Grounds 

Basic Security of Buildings & Grounds

Recycling & Common Trash Disposal 

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Prepare Requests For Bids

Evaluate Bids & Prepare Contacts

Oversee Work of Subcontractors

Regular & Special Meetings With The Client

Manage On-Site Personnel If Any 

Resident Services If Applicable

Liaison Among Owners, Residents

or Tenants As Appropriate


Collection of Fees or Rents

Allocate Funds To Appropriate Accounts

Disburse Funds As Authorized

Provide Monthly & Special Financial Reports

Assist With Annual & Long Range Budgets 

Support Owner’s Auditing Program

Support Owner’s Tax Preparation 

Recommend Reserves For Future Needs 

Assist With Claims Against Insurance If Any

Recommend Ways To Reduce Costs

Handle Tax Credit Properties

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Managing Renovation or Modernization 

Managing Major Repairs For Wear-Out or Damage 

Managing Capital Projects 

Managing Expansion Projects 

Managing Hazardous Material Cleanup 

Managing Drainage or Re-Landscaping Projects

Managing Major Correction To Construction Problems

Managing Major Changes For New Code Compliance 

Managing Major Repairs On Waste Or Water Systems

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Merit brings its clients a comprehensive team designed to skillfully accomplish all aspects of the work under the contract. It's licensed and bonded field managers are trained, experienced and equipped to coordinate and manage the diverse activities of successful, cost effective and modern real estate management. These managers are backed with a capable administrative office staff, appropriate computer support, and 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week communications.

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